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Using technology, innovation & science for Social Innovation

Welcome to my page! I am Marya Yaqin, an innovator, trendwatcher, and keynote speaker. I am dedicated to providing bespoke services that propel organizations focused on creating and implementing meaningful real changes that help to solve complex social problems by using tech, innovation, and science. My main goal is to enable organizations to put effective solutions into practice.

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Temporal leap: exploring cycles – a journey through past, future, and global connectivity

Three years ago, I envisioned writing a story that combines some real-life events with a touch of imagination. Today, I've made the choice to breathe life into this story, and I'm excited to present the initial chapter to you. Click below for further details. More chapters are on the way every two weeks, so stay tuned for the next thrilling installment! 😊

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Since I live in the Netherlands and have many Dutch readers, I have decided to write some of my blogs exclusively in Dutch. These blogs are listed below. In case you want to read these blogs in another language, click on the flag below your preferred blog.

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Finding creative solutions for Social Innovation

The possibilities of today’s solutions are only limited by the way we think. Nevertheless, a future of vast prosperity ending many of the world’s most cumbersome challenges is achievable through novel techniques that use disruptive technologies and innovation methods.

The goal should be to drive social innovation by integrating new technologies and cutting-edge techniques instead of fearing change. I help organizations, from governments to startups, unlock their potential by connecting them with a vast network of tools, skills, insights, and professionals. This way, every opportunity to develop and implement new ideas and approaches that solve social problems is achieved.

We are already experiencing the disruptive technology of AI, blockchain technology, and quantum computing systems. I work to help organizations and businesses understand how we can leverage these new tools to free society from the common problems we face and allow a new generation of thinkers, dreamers, and creatives realize their dreams.

Innovator, trendwatcher & keynote speaker

Together with my network of professionals, I provide the tools for a unique perspective on the growing trends affecting the world. I offer various tailored services that empower organizations of all sizes to overcome common challenges and increase their ability to tackle the roadblocks ahead.

From getting close up and personal with your unique processes to helping implement solutions based on strategic plans, I will help you accelerate positive change throughout your organization, with the final goal being taking steps toward social innovation and singularity.

Every service I provide is unique to the client, but in general, include the following:

  • Coaching/training
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • New product/service conception
  • Keynote speaker & trendwatching
  • Preparing organizations for future developments
  • Introducing innovative processes for systematic change
  • Driving innovation in a static organization
  • Social innovation consulting
  • Digital trend advising
  • And more!


Choose one of the following services based on your organization type. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

With my partners I offer tailored solutions for government and semi-government organizations, including policy development, public administration, and digital transformation.

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For educational institutions seeking support in enhancing their learning environments, curriculum development, or technology integration, we offer specialized solutions. Click below to learn more.

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WIth my network I do offer a comprehensive range of services for corporate firms and corporations, including industry innovation, company strategy, product development, staff training, and more. Click below to learn more

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Startups and entrepreneurs frequently need assistance to manage the difficulties of building a successful company. I  have the knowledge and almost 20 years of experience to help you, whether you need support with market research or product development. Click below to learn more about our offerings and how I can help your startup.

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I value your interest in my services and look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals. For more information, please click on the relevant links above to explore the details of each service.

About me

Standing by and watching future innovative trends pass by has never been my style. I like to dive into actionable steps that transform these new technologies into positive change for the world around us. For years I have worked in unique tech spaces using digitalization to drive social innovation.

We have a rare opportunity to seize the incredible new insights, methods, and tech introduced daily by free thinkers and designers to affect real change in our society. As an international innovator, trendwatcher, keynote speaker, and independent entrepreneur, I have grown a robust network of media, tools, and fellow professionals that can accelerate social innovation in the organizations.

My goal is very simple: help bring clients into the modern world by inspiring new ways of thinking, working, and brainstorming. This helps everyone take steps forward to singularity by elevating an organization’s capabilities with the latest tools and technologies. So let’s schedule a time to discuss a collaboration!

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"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere."
-Albert Einstein.


Astrid Bolland

Senior auditor, lecturer and projectmanager at Hogeschool Utrecht
“Marya heeft ons docententeam bedrijfskunde (hogeschool Utrecht) een inspirerende workshop gegeven over global trends en de effecten op de toekomst van het onderwijs. Marya is een veelzijdige professional en maatschappelijk gedreven ondernemer met bijzonder veel kennis over de mogelijkheden van social media. De workshop is een aanrader om de vele (technologische) trends te vertalen naar de toekomst van je eigen werk en beroep!”.

Joanita Bonnier

Agile Coach & Scrum Master

 "Marya was een van onze drie workshopleiders tijdens de 14e bijeenkomst van Women in Pharma& Medical Devices in Oktober 2018. Iedereen was laaiend enthousiast over Marya’s workshop. De kracht van Marya is dat ze als trendwatcher realistisch is over de voor- en mogelijke nadelen van alle ontwikkelingen in de huidige 4e industriële revolutie en tegelijkertijd iedereen motiveert om onder de steen vandaan te kruipen en mee te doen"

Jan van der Werff

Director at Stichting VluchtelingenWerk Oost Nederland
“Marya is projectleider geweest in een complex en meerjarig project waarin bevordering van diversiteit centraal stond. Zowel kwalitatieve als kwantitatieve resultaten zijn behaald èn binnen gestelde termijn ! Marya is snel, sociaal vaardig en resultaatgericht.”

Rob Barnhoorn

"Toegankelijk en begrijpelijk verhaal, toegelicht met veel voorbeelden verhaal. Marya is interactief, heeft humor en kan de zaal op een positieve wijze naar haar hand zetten."

Jan van der Werff

Directeur at Stichting VluchtelingenWerk Oost Nederland
“Marya is projectleider geweest in een complex en meerjarig project waarin bevordering van diversiteit centraal stond. Zowel kwalitatieve als kwantitatieve resultaten zijn behaald èn binnen gestelde termijn ! Marya is snel, sociaal vaardig en resultaatgericht.”

May-May Meijer

Front-end Developer


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