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About me

My story
I have been visiting many countries and studied hundreds of (scientific) articles. After all of experiences I came to main conclusion: thinking outside the boxes, recognizing the world developments on time and anticipating fast to them, being socially involved and be able to act internationally are the keywords for success! Not only for our current society, but also for all the future generations that will follow after us. This are the core values that I would like to promote across different regions in the world.

What do I do exactly?
I believe that technology and all innovations (such as new business models, new revenue models and new management models) can improve our the world and promote global wealth. For this reason, I am focussing myself on social innovation.

Social Innovation means: developing and implementing new strategies, concepts, ideas, and organizations that will solve major, current, and future social challenges.

So to in order to promote (social) innovation and in order to realize different kind of solutions for social problems, in my opinion this three steps we have to implement:

  • We have to promote and increase the knowledge worldwide about what technology and (social) innovation is, and how technology and innovation can solve various current and futuristic social issues
  • Connections and collaborations between organizations, businesses and citizens have to be encouraged
  • Organizations and companies need to support innovations / changes & turn all the solutions together into a reality

How do I promote technology & social innovation?
For various current and futuristic social issues, the problems and solutions, are never one-dimensional. That’s why I speak often as trendwatcher about the current worldwide developments and the developments of the future. I also made this blog to keep readers worldwide informed about different kind of developments.

I also organize different kind of events, conferences, and meetups about technology with my networkpartners. Beside of that, we also conduct various kind of research and offer various training and innovation programs that contribute to (social) innovation.

In addition to the above, I have also developed a Global Innovation Map. The target of this Global Innovation Map is to create a global network for and with everyone who is involved with technology and (social) innovation.

In my blogs I frequently describe the current worldwide trends and fascinating articles about the new technologies, new business models, new management models and breakthrough innovations. Read here the news and blogs about the mega trends and the developments that can change our lives and work. Are you aware of the latest innovations and do you know what the worldwide trends can mean for your organization? Are you ready for the future?

Internationalization, internet (technology), new inventions, standardization and developments in the direction of open-source codes are making it possible for even teenagers to be able to develop something new out of almost nothing. For the leaders, the teachers and the employees of various organizations, it is important to be aware of such global developments. And my primary goal is to create awareness and to contribute to solutions for various challenges. Ofcource I can never realize social innovation alone, that’s why I am highly connected with people around me.

My dream

My dream is: helping to improve the wealth worldwide through technology and innovation!

Why this dream? I was able to program and hack at the age of 16, I have been working for years in the IT sector and like no other I know how easy it is to use technology and innovation for making any solution possible. Beside of that, I have seen that water scarcity can be solved worldwide by, for example extracting the water from the air. Energy can be made available anywhere for free by clever use of various techniques. Food scarcity can be solved by creating a win-win situation everywhere. There are many other applications of technology and innovations available that can make our world a better place. For this reason, I am focussing myself on improving the world through technology and (social innovation).

My background
Currently I am 33 years old, I am Dutch and since 2009 I am working as an independent entrepreneur. With my companies & my networkpartners, I help organizations & companies to improve their performance and (to continue) innovate.

In terms of background I have completed three studies: Bachelor in Management, Economics and Law, Bachalor in Information Technology and Master in Public Administration. Why three studies? Because I always had a dream to be a link between IT, public organizations and private organizations. Because of my good study performance and high level of social commitment, I got various prizes. Here you can read who my clients are.

Let’s work together, shall we?
Are you wondering what I can do for you? Feel free to contact me for inspiring trainings and consultancy projects.