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Big Data


Our society is facing right now with major changes because of the exponential growth of the amount of data. In many companies and government agencies the data is stored for various purposes. And a lot of data has not even been described.

In order to keep the data manageable and to discover new patterns, a new scientific discipline has now emerged, namely the Big Data Science. The goal of the Big Data Science is to develop new methods to store the large amounts of data. Also the target of Big Data is to quickly find, analyze and validate the complex patterns. The analysis of Big Data is mainly focused on finding data patterns and connections. This kind of data gives the organizations the opportunity to look ahead (predictive analytics). In such a way the organizations can greatly improve their performance and services. In order to make this analysis possible, the organizations must consider what kind of data are really useful for developers and other parties and in what kind of form.

What kind of contribution can I make? Big Data can provide more profit, more innovation and more time if it will be used optimal. I can help you, together with my business partners, to find out and to record the data that not have been yet described. We can analyze your business processes and carry out during a research what the necessary data can be. In addition, we can advise you how you can use the data in such a way that this data will not violate current privacy legislation. Of course together with my partners, I can also help you to set up a good ICT architecture in such a way that the data can lead for internal and possibly external use (chain).

Do you prefer that I come to speak about the latest trends in big data? Or that I think along with you and your employees about the possibilities of big data? Of course I can arrange a training or a workshop for your organization about big data (trends) and different possibilities of big data for your sector/organization.  Click here for more information.

Do you want to do something with Big Data, but you dont know what big data can do, or where to start? I will be happy to exchange ideas with you about the possibilities of Big Data for your organization. In addition of it, I can also look with you on how your organization can benefit from many possibilities of Big Data.

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