23 Jun

Exploring personal growth & consciousness expansion

For the past ten years, I have been truly and deeply interested in how we, as humans, can achieve our highest potential. Although I needed to focus on improving myself and didn’t have much time to explore this subject or read related books, I now have the time and attention to dedicate to it. Therefore, I have decided to spend the next six months exploring through this topic.

Today, July 23, I attended a masterclass by Vishen Lakhiani, and in this blog, I summarize his thoughts. However, I must mention that I did not gain a deep understanding of the different levels of consciousness he described, as accessing that information requires payment, which I don’t currently find worthwhile. Nevertheless, it’s beneficial to know the key points and seek more detailed information online and in other books. Once I have done that, I will share my findings with you.

For now, here are the key elements of the masterclass. I have attached the summary below. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

About Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is a prominent entrepreneur, author, and speaker, best known as the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a leading company in personal development and education. Through impactful talks, bestselling books, and an innovative online platform, Lakhiani has garnered global influence. His focus lies in transforming education and maximizing human potential through unconventional approaches, establishing himself as a significant figure in the field of personal growth and well-being. He has collaborated with influential figures like Deepak Chopra and Neale Donald Walsch, further broadening his audience reach.

Summary of the masterclass

In an age where the ambition of personal advancement and understanding consciousness has taken priority in our lives, it is critical to investigate the numerous elements that contribute to our entire development. The article below provides a detailed summary of an organized method to personal change divided into four levels of consciousness. Each level provides an alternative perspective on growth, intention, and the relationship between individual and shared awareness.

Level one: foundation of consciousness

According to Vishen, everyone starts at level one, the fundamental level, where they are introduced to the idea of personal development for the first time. It is at this stage that one starts to recognize the potential for change and the power of intent in shaping reality. The fundamental tool introduced here is “segment intending,” a technique designed to focus the mind on positive outcomes in everyday segments of life, it’s a strategy that enables people to actively target their thoughts and intentions toward specific beneficial outcomes in many different areas of their everyday lives. Regardless of initial question about the power of the thought on reality, this practice results in noticeable improvements in perception and experience.

This level also highlights the value of developing self-awareness and understanding both internal and environmental effects on mentality and behavior. It helps people to see the difference between their existing and potential selves as a motivator for personal development. Simple yet customized instruments are offered to kickstart these waking processes, ensuring they are neither dominating nor simple. Individuals who engage in these core activities not only learn to successfully harness the power of intention, but also create the platform for greater levels of personal development and fulfillment.

Level two: emergence of goal setting

As individuals progress to the second level, they encounter the practice of setting goals as a cornerstone of personal development. This stage emphasizes the importance of envisioning a future where one’s aspirations are realized. It encourages a proactive stance toward life, where goals are not merely daydreams but feasible targets that guide one’s efforts and actions.

At level two, individuals also need to think critically about what they wish to achieve and outline the necessary steps to progressively actualize these desires.

Level three: transformation through beingness

The third level marks a significant shift from the mere setting of goals to a deeper, more introspective journey toward self-actualization. Here, the concept of “beingness” introduces a meaningful change in how goals are perceived. Rather than being externally imposed, goals begin to emanate from an inner source of inspiration, guided by a higher power. This level is characterized by an emergent sense of unity and interconnectedness with the world, prompting a reevaluation of one’s identity beyond conventional labels and limitations. So with other words, at this level, the individuals begin to perceive themselves as integral components of a larger whole, experiencing a profound empathy for global issues such as environmental concerns and humanitarian crises. This level encourages a sense of being guided by an inspiration that transcends personal achievement, advocating for intentions that benefit the broader community.

Level four: unity consciousness and global compassion

The fourth and highest level represents transcending the limits imposed by society and personal goals. Here, individuals shed their selfish desires and strive to live in harmony with a higher, universal purpose. At this stage, people not only rise above their own concerns but also feel deeply connected to humanity as a whole, seamlessly becoming part of the collective consciousness of the human race.

Goal-setting also becomes irrelevant in this heightened state of awareness, stage four, as life is guided purely by fundamental inspiration and a strong connection to all living beings. This unity consciousness surpasses all known boundaries, resonating deeply across the Earth to address global issues such as climate change and the widespread suffering of people living far away.

Side effects of expanding our consciousness

Vishen also discussed 7 side effects of expanding our consciousness. According to him, when we level up, the following side effects will occur:

  1. Heightened body awareness: Expanding consciousness inevitably leads to a deeper connection with one’s own body. This manifests as acute awareness of bodily functions and an intuitive understanding of physical needs and health signals. Such attunement may lead individuals toward preventative health measures and a more harmonious balance between mind and body.
  2. Shift in time perception: As consciousness expands, many report a shift in how they perceive the passage of time. Moments may feel elongated, and the present becomes an expansive, richly detailed experience. This altered perception can encourage society to focus more on the depth of experience rather than the speed of achievements.
  3. Quantum leaps in creativity: Enhanced consciousness can unleash a torrent of creativity, influencing not only traditional arts but also sparking innovative thinking in technology, business, and social reform. This surge in creativity propels forward-thinking ideas that might be the key to addressing current and future challenges.
  4. Shifts in socio-political values: With broader consciousness, individuals begin to see beyond their personal desires, aligning their values with global needs such as justice, sustainability, and equality. These shifts could reshape not just personal choices but also influence wider socio-political policies and practices. Another significant occurrence is that things that are harmful to someone will disappear, clearing the path to align more closely with one’s own intentions. This also means that relationships may end, jobs may come to an end, or paths may drastically change, which might feel uncomfortable in the short term but will clearly be positive in the long run.
  5. Changes in consumption patterns: Expanded awareness often brings a reevaluation of consumption habits. This applies not only to physical goods but also to media consumption and social interactions. Conscious consumers may drive demand for more ethical, sustainable, and meaningful products and experiences.
  6. Enhanced intuition: A notable enhancement in intuition is often observed as consciousness expands. This can streamline decision-making processes and align individuals more closely with their life’s purpose and goals. A society attuned to its intuitive wisdom may experience more synchronous development and harmony.
  7. Improved conflict resolution: Finally, as individuals cultivate deeper empathy and understanding through expanded consciousness, their approach to conflict undergoes transformation. This capability to approach disputes with enhanced empathy and a focus on mutual benefits can lead to more peaceful and constructive resolutions at both personal and communal levels. It also means that we will be able to forgive everyone and learn from challenging experiences encountered with others rather than seeing them solely as negative events.


To conclude, as we look toward the future, it’s clear that the journey of personal growth and the expansion of consciousness is not just a path for the individual but also a potential turning point for society as a whole. It invites us to consider not only what we can become but also what we could add to the greater good. This exploration extends beyond the self, envisioning a future where collective awareness and compassion could catalyze societal transformation.

Questions to ask ourselves

In reflecting on all these four levels, we can ask ourselves about the potential for transformation that lies within each individual. What could society achieve if more of its members endeavored to reach these higher levels of consciousness? How would our collective challenges change if viewed from a perspective of unity and interconnectedness? Could this collective shift be the key to solving some of the most pressing global challenges faced today? These are the main questions we can all ask ourselves.

I’ll soon discuss more consciousness-related topics, including how technology and artificial intelligence may help us understand it better. To ensure you don’t miss anything, subscribe to my newsletter or keep an eye on my posts.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended for commercial promotion. I accept no responsibility for any results arising from the usage of Vishen’s website.

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