04 Nov

Unveiling my music creation journey

A close friend of mine recently asked why I hadn’t ventured into the realm of singing, given that I’m already accustomed to speaking on prominent stages as a speaker. I candidly confessed that my vocal cords weren’t exactly tuned for singing. He then posed a question that has lingered in my mind: “Have you ever actually given singing a shot?”

I must admit, I hadn’t. His words continued to resonate with me. While I am well aware that my singing voice is far from exemplary, my curiosity was piqued. I couldn’t help but wonder how I might sound if I attempted to sing. Thus, what began as a playful jest transformed into a captivating challenge – to sing, just once, even though I knew my vocal prowess fell short of the mark.

Rather than investing countless hours in futile vocal exercises, I contemplated the power of artificial intelligence. Many of you have witnessed me communicate in various languages with the assistance of AI, so why not explore the possibility of singing, even if it’s just a one-time endeavor? And so, the idea evolved into a reality. I scoured the digital landscape in search of AI-powered vocal cloning tools and stumbled upon Kits.AI. With this innovative tool (click here), I embarked on a journey to record three songs in three different languages, all of which happened to be my personal favorites.

Now, it’s your turn to listen and decide for yourself whether I possess any singing prowess – or whether I should unequivocally stick to speaking on prominent stages 😊

Below, I have attached the three songs in three different languages, all crafted by AI, utilizing my own voice.

Now, consider the multitude of possibilities that arise when employing auto-tune and other advanced mixing strategies. It’s worth noting that in the songs above, I refrained from utilizing any of these techniques. In other words, I didn’t use any auto-tune in the songs above. At least, not yet.

The most valuable lesson I’ve gleaned from this experience is that I should unequivocally remain within my comfort zone of public speaking, never daring to venture into the world of singing. Not now, not ever. Period.

If you’re more curious about the capabilities of AI singing voice technology, just listen to the next song. It has accumulated over 6.5 million plays in less than 24 hours! This song is a complete AI creation of a Beatles song.


P.S. I want to emphasize that all rights to the music used in my own AI-recordings belong to the original creators of the songs. I have no intentions of appropriating or profiting from their work. This endeavor is solely intended to showcase the possibilities of AI and is meant for educational purposes.


If you want to share the results and a brief explanation with your friends and colleagues, you can use this video where I’ve summarized everything from this blog:

Here is also the complete song “Sarzamine Man” which translates to “My Land” in Persian.

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