19 Oct

My Journey in the fusion of Art and Tech

I think many people are curious about where my passion for all the things I am posting started. In the following video, I will share my story with you. In case you don’t have the time or opportunity to watch the video, you can also read the transcript of the video below. Having delved into my story, are you eager for more? Explore my art-related creations on my blog (click here), or follow me on TikTok at https://www.tiktok.com/@marya1986.

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My story, where it all started…

When I was a little girl, about 3 years old, I loved to paint. My parents used to say that painting was my favorite thing in the world to do. Those were the days when I’d gleefully splash colors across the canvas, creating my own little masterpieces and playing with art. Gaming was also my favorite thing to do. All of this contributed to a boost in my imagination.

As the years painted their own story across the canvas of my life, around the age of 6 or 7, I started to get interest more and more in the world of imagination. I’d spend countless hours crafting vibrant images of things that existed only within the boundaries of my own mind. My biggest fascination, even as a child, was the grand narrative of the universe and the Earth itself. I would spend hours on reading books about universe and how it made of, about our origins as humans and the creation of life it self. As outcome, I tried to merge this newfound knowledge with the magic of artistry. It was during those tender years that I started receiving accolades and prizes from school, because my artistic talent knew no boundaries.

Time moved on, the internet and the digital tools increasingly entered the market. When I reached age of 16, I embarked on all possible digital adventures. The online realm became my battleground, where I deftly blended the artistry of Photoshop, the unlimited colors of my imagination, and the limitless horizons of the fantasy that I had. Online, I won many competitions when it came to digital artistry. But, as the sands of time flowed, my life started to led me toward the adulthood – the serious responsibilities of studies, work and running my business at young age became my priority. Yet, deep within at my core and heart, the spark of my artistic passion kept glowing, biding its time for a chance to blaze a new life.

And now, after almost 20 years, I am in a stage in life where I am able to combine everything what I always loved to do. The world of artificial intelligence gives me so much opportunities. Thanks to the growing availability of digital online tools, I have now the opportunity to combine my expertise, knowledge, imagination, my love for fashion, history and connecting the west to the east. That’s why I’ve chosen to embark on a new journey, one in which I’ll share a series of blogs and video’s revealing the remarkable potential of AI and cutting-edge technological tools.

In this new chapter, I offer a sneak peek into my AI-driven creative journey. My upcoming videos will showcase clothing and designs brought to life by the limitless innovation of artificial intelligence. Moreover, I’ll present later on various new possibilities that innovation and forward-thinking can offer to our world. You can look forward for sure to more stories about creativity and new ideas. I’ll mostly use my own pictures, which shows that the journey is real. Also because of authority laws I need to use also my own pictures.

Keep following along, as we explore the exciting world of AI, fashion, life and art together.

P.S: Since I know it can be very confusing to distinguish between my real pictures/videos and AI-generated content, I will always include the hashtag #madewithAI in my posts that are made fully with AI. Additionally, AI-related topics and images will most time bear a #Tiktok watermark for clarity.

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