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The unique nature of my services is that they are flexible to the needs of any of my clients. While I offer a foundation of services here on this page, I often work on innovative initiatives and unique problem-solving outside the general scope of a clearly defined business consultant. To better understand how each service applies to various organizations, please browse my clients.

All my services can be completed online or offline, and I am happy to provide digital communication tools to ensure a strong collaboration. For online sessions, I may use Mentimeter, Miro, and Padlet, along with platforms like Teams, Zoom, or LinkedIn Live. The sessions can accommodate 1 to 10,000 attendees or more, depending on your preferences. With the support of my network of professionals and tools, I can deliver results that align with your goals.

I can conduct our agreed-upon services in Dutch or English as needed. In some cases, I can also provide services in Persian and Russian.  Read here more about the methods I can .

Every service is customized to the client and priced according to the project and collaboration.

My goal is to cater to the needs of my clients by getting them “unstuck” from the challenges or issues surrounding goal achievement and problems solving so they find new success in reaching new levels of solutions. I am uniquely positioned due to my years of IT, business, and organizational experience as well as solid background in quantitative finance and economics.

Some of my services include:

01 | Coaching & training

I specialize in digitization, social innovation, new technologies, and creative problem-solving. These allow me to help drive new frameworks and innovation through various activities designed to help individuals and organizations develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in these areas. 

This could be through full-day or multi-day workshops that cover a range of topics with hands-on and interactive strategies. I also offer one-on-one coaching involving working with individuals or small groups to help them develop their expertise in a specific area.

This could also include coaching sessions focused on topics such as developing a digital strategy, identifying, and addressing social issues, or implementing new technologies. I am available to build training programs to expand your organization’s capabilities through practice project development and digital assignments using the latest digital innovations.

02 | Brainstorming sessions & new product/service conception

There are so many ways to accelerate positive change in an organization that often only need the insights and creative thinking of an outside party to be the tipping point for something new. I am happy to provide a variety of activities and approaches depending on the specific needs and goals of the client.

This may be facilitating brainstorming sessions that lead a group of individuals through a structured process of idea generation and problem-solving, using techniques such as lateral thinking and mind mapping to encourage creative thinking and explore a wide range of potential solutions.

I can also foster new product development by researching and analyzing industry trends and market needs to refine initial product ideas, identify key features and benefits, and consider potential challenges and obstacles. This will help your organization develop a product roadmap for bringing their product to market.

03 | Keynote speaker & trendwatcher

This is one of my most frequently requested services because of my broad international background working with so many industry leaders in creative technology, social innovation, and driving society toward the singularity.

I will deliver a speech or presentation at a conference, event, or meeting that sets the tone or theme for the event. My background as an expert and thought leader in my field allows me to interact with your audience on a personal level, while sharing unique insights and knowledge about the latest news, worldwide trends, and tech developments.

For years, I have studied and tracked the future trends being adopted, allowing me to facilitate change with leading international organizations and help keep them up to date on the latest trends, identifying potential opportunities or threats.

As a consultant specializing in digitization, social innovation, new technologies, and creative problem-solving, I deliver informative and engaging presentations to audiences, helping them to understand the latest developments and trends in these fields. I also love to engage with fellow women-led organizations striving to mentor younger generations as they embrace new disruptive technologies.

04 | Managing innovation & consulting

I help companies understand new concepts and other disruptive technologies by consulting on how to best make use of these tools for their benefit. This includes working close with the key members of an organization’s team, unlocking better efficiencies and benefits that drive social innovation.

I like supporting teams by inspiring new ways of thinking and brainstorming so fresh solutions can be implemented in practical and strategic ways. This includes providing expert advice and assistance to organizations on how to leverage technology to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve their business goals. I can assist you with implementing new ideas and approaches by creating practical implementation and/or strategic planning tailored to your specific needs.

By helping organizations to effectively implement the latest trends and technology, I can support them in introducing innovative processes for systematic change and preparing for future developments. My knowledge of worldwide and digital trends drives innovation in static organizations, helping them to stay competitive and adapt to changing market conditions.

Service overview

I consistently engage in thorough research and make dedicated efforts to tailor my services to effectively match the unique sectors and distinct needs of my clients. You can select one of the following services based on your organization type. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Corporate Businesses & Companies

We offer a comprehensive range of services for corporate firms and corporations, including industry innovation, company strategy, product development, staff training, and more. Click below to learn more

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I value your interest in my services and look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals. For more information, please click on the relevant links above to explore the details of each service.

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What my clients say

Astrid Bolland

Senior auditor, lecturer and projectmanager at Hogeschool Utrecht
“Marya heeft ons docententeam bedrijfskunde (hogeschool Utrecht) een inspirerende workshop gegeven over global trends en de effecten op de toekomst van het onderwijs. Marya is een veelzijdige professional en maatschappelijk gedreven ondernemer met bijzonder veel kennis over de mogelijkheden van social media. De workshop is een aanrader om de vele (technologische) trends te vertalen naar de toekomst van je eigen werk en beroep!”.

Joanita Bonnier

Agile Coach & Scrum Master

 "Marya was een van onze drie workshopleiders tijdens de 14e bijeenkomst van Women in Pharma& Medical Devices in Oktober 2018. Iedereen was laaiend enthousiast over Marya’s workshop. De kracht van Marya is dat ze als trendwatcher realistisch is over de voor- en mogelijke nadelen van alle ontwikkelingen in de huidige 4e industriële revolutie en tegelijkertijd iedereen motiveert om onder de steen vandaan te kruipen en mee te doen"

Jan van der Werff

Director at Stichting VluchtelingenWerk Oost Nederland
“Marya is projectleider geweest in een complex en meerjarig project waarin bevordering van diversiteit centraal stond. Zowel kwalitatieve als kwantitatieve resultaten zijn behaald èn binnen gestelde termijn ! Marya is snel, sociaal vaardig en resultaatgericht.”

Rob Barnhoorn

"Toegankelijk en begrijpelijk verhaal, toegelicht met veel voorbeelden verhaal. Marya is interactief, heeft humor en kan de zaal op een positieve wijze naar haar hand zetten."

Jan van der Werff

Directeur at Stichting VluchtelingenWerk Oost Nederland
“Marya is projectleider geweest in een complex en meerjarig project waarin bevordering van diversiteit centraal stond. Zowel kwalitatieve als kwantitatieve resultaten zijn behaald èn binnen gestelde termijn ! Marya is snel, sociaal vaardig en resultaatgericht.”

May-May Meijer

Front-end Developer

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