For students: thesis guidance and thesis assessment

Are you approaching the culmination of your higher education journey and in need of assistance with writing, reviewing, or evaluating your thesis? Fear not! With over four years of experience in higher education as a lecturer and thesis supervisor, coupled with more than twenty years as an innovator, I am fully equipped to guide you through this formidable process.

Why choose me?

  • Broad knowledge and expertise: As an experienced lecturer and thesis supervisor, my expertise spans a vast array of fields including trend watching, solving complex problems, innovating new business and profit models, creating value(s), and much more. This diversity allows me to approach and evaluate your thesis from multiple perspectives.

  • Personalized guidance: I recognize the uniqueness of each student and thesis. Thus, I provide customized guidance tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Whether you need help developing your research question, structuring your thesis, or enhancing your writing skills, I am here to assist you.

  • Excellent track record: Boasting a success rate that speaks volumes about my effective guidance techniques, I stand behind the quality and success of my services. My goal is not only to help you succeed but also to elevate your thesis to a higher standard.

  • Flexible and accessible: I offer both online and in-person guidance options, depending on your preference and location. My adaptable approach ensures that you receive the support you need, exactly when you need it.

Offered services

  • Thesis evaluation: receive detailed feedback on the structure, argumentation, and content of your thesis.
  • Thesis guidance: i provide support throughout the entire writing process, from developing your research question to fine-tuning your conclusions. Additionally, i offer tips and advice on how to ensure that your research approach and final product stand out.

How can you engage with me?

Are you prepared to elevate your thesis with professional guidance? Reach out to me for a consultation without any obligation. During this session, we can discuss your requirements and determine how I can provide the best support for you. Together, we will ensure that your thesis not only meets but exceeds expectations.


To make your thesis journey seamless, I offer various guidance packages suitable for every budget and need. Click here for a detailed overview of my rates.


Are you considering using my services as a thesis advisor, or do you have lingering questions?

I invite you to reach out for a free introductory conversation by filling out the form on the right. Together, we will discuss your current stage in your thesis journey and determine the exact support you need.