Universities and colleges are constantly facing the challenge of achieving educational innovation and preparing students optimally for a rapidly changing world. With over 4 years of experience in higher education and extensive expertise in technology and innovation policy, along with more than 20 years of work across various fields, I offer my clients a unique service aimed at significantly enhancing the quality and relevance of academic education.

What can you expect?

  • Assessment, proofreading, and guidance of theses: with my detail-oriented approach, I can provide in-depth and constructive feedback on theses, enabling students to elevate their work to a higher level.

  • Development of educational modules: with deep knowledge of Singularity (2029+) and Social Innovation policy, I can develop educational modules that are not only up-to-date but also future-proof. Additionally, I can implement experiential learning modules that inspire creativity and critical thinking among students. Of course, I am also able to collaborate with your teams to design and refine educational content that aligns with your mission and goals.

  • Workshops and masterclasses: inspiring sessions on global trends, technology, and innovative methods such as Agile, Scrum, and Design Thinking ensure that educational institutions stay ahead. I am capable of delivering engaging and impactful sessions, which can create a deep understanding of societal impact among the students.

You can read more about my services offered to higher education institutions here.

My expertise includes:

  • Profound expertise: I combine knowledge of policy development, project management, and trend analysis with practical application in educational innovation. I can collaborate with your team to refine educational content that aligns with your mission and goals.
  • Tech-savvy: with specializations in AI, Blockchain, and Web 3.0, I am perfectly equipped to lead courses that focus on the latest technologies. I can offer specialized knowledge in the field of technology to enhance the learning experience.
  • Connection Professional: with backgrounds in (International) business, technology, and public administration/policy, I effectively bridge the gap between the IT, business, and government sectors.
  • Future-oriented vision: my focus on the Singularity and Social Innovation indicates a commitment to ongoing, sustainable change and creating an inclusive future.

  • Excellent track record: with a graduation rate of recently guided students consistently above the industry standard, I have proven ability to transform students and educational institutions. Institutions collaborating with me experience clear improvements in the quality of research, theses, and student satisfaction.

My mission:

I am committed to social innovation, aiming to shape future changemakers. With extensive experience in societal transformation, my mission goes beyond traditional boundaries. I can create learning journeys that inspire and empower youth to drive community progress. With a history of sustainable social impact, I invite you to join me in envisioning and building a society where everyone is a force for positive change. Are we ready to shape this future together?

My rates

Online: Starting from €80, excluding VAT.

The digital space offers infinite possibilities. Remotely, using advanced digital tools, my online service provides access to insights and solutions that are at the forefront of the future. This service includes:

  • 1-on-1 student guidance during the graduation process
  • Evaluation of theses as a first or second examiner
  • Exclusive webinars on trends, technology, and the future of innovation
  • Personal online consultations aimed at identifying and seizing digital opportunities
  • Customized online training and workshops in trend-watching, innovation management, and the application of disruptive technologies

Physical meetings: for a more intensive, direct experience, my rates start from €95, excluding VAT and travel expenses.

Of course, nothing beats the power of personal interaction. My physical services are designed to facilitate deep, meaningful conversations and collaborations that can lay the groundwork for future innovation. This also includes:

  • Teaching physical classes on-site, including guiding graduates
  • Strategic sessions and on-site advising aimed at developing and executing transformational strategies
  • Workshops and training at your location or chosen venues, tailored to your unique business needs and challenges
  • Physical participation in panels and conferences where we jointly explore the future of your sector.

> Due to the diversity of my services, I am not exempt from VAT.

Multidisciplinary expertise

Given my extensive experience in various sectors and my completed studies, which include a Bachelor of Business Administration (BA), Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT), and Master of Public Administration (MSc), I am able to offer expertise in several study directions, including:

  • Information technology, including AI, software development, and open-source technologies
  • Business Studies, Marketing & Creative Business
  • Management & Organizational Skills
  • Public Administration and Law
  • Cultural Studies
  • Innovative Financial Systems


Is your educational institution prepared to shape the future of education? Contact me for a no-obligation discussion on how my expertise can enrich your students’ learning experience and curriculum.

Let’s explore opportunities to collaborate and drive innovation together.

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