My story

I have traveled to many countries and read hundreds of scientific articles. In addition, my experience living in Kabul, Afghanistan, my birthplace, opened my eyes to the devastation that extreme poverty, lack of governance, and poor strategic thinking can devastate a community’s growth potential. After graduation, I came to the main conclusion: thinking outside the box and being creative, recognizing the world developments early, and anticipating fast to them, being socially involved, and having the ability to act globally are critical to success! This is not just for our current society, but also for all the future generations that will follow. These are the core values that I would like to promote across different regions in the world.

What do I do exactly and what is my mission?

My background and experience are totally centered on leveraging social innovation to help us reach a world full of possibilities, where abundance is within reach. I believe that the rapid progress and exponential changes in society created by disruptive technologies can be harnessed for positive change, leading us towards singularity. With this in mind, I am committed to use my expertise to assist my clients in navigating this exciting landscape and achieving their goals.

Social Innovation often involves using new approaches and developments to address traditional problems in novel ways. It is the development and implementation of new ideas, technologies, or approaches that address social challenges and improve the quality of life for everyone. Social innovation can take many forms, including new policies, programs, or organizations that aim to address social problems such as poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, or social exclusion.

Singularity refers to a point in time where technology and innovation reach an advanced level, enabling us to achieve abundance and reduce current global wealth inequality. Attaining this objective can be realized by using for example cutting-edge tools such as AI, blockchain development, and open-source software, as well as through global cooperation and creating meta economy. Additionally, achieving this objective will require effective strategic planning, improved innovation, and good governance.

Why do I focus mainly on social innovation and singularity?

It’s simple – I have a strong passion for technology, solving complex problems, creating value, and bringing people together. I believe that through these areas, we can create a more inclusive, sustainable, and better future for everyone.

When you wake up and look around at the multitude of challenges facing everyone, from the mother trying to feed her kids to the nation trying to conduct proper resource allocation, you cannot help by think technology, science, and collaboration holds the answer we need. There is so much we can do if we embrace the digital trends and digitalization from open-source and creative solutions being introduced right now.

I’ve been programming since I was 16 years old, and my experience in the IT sector and working in fields directly addressing scarcity in our world, has shown me how technology and innovation can be used to solve complex problems. Water scarcity, for example, can be addressed by extracting water from the air, while clever techniques can make energy available anywhere for less costs. Similarly, food scarcity can be addressed by creating a win-win situation. There are many other applications of technology and innovations available that can make our world a better place.

My hope is to remain on the cutting-edge of these developments and leverage every ounce of my experience, knowledge, insights, and background to improve organizations and society as a whole with my unique perspectives.

My background

I am currently 37 years old, Dutch, and have been working independently since 2009. In addition to my business, I frequently work as a thesis supervisor and examiner at multiple universities with a particular focus on social innovation, creative solutions to solving complex problems, and information technology.

Since a very young age I have successfully helped businesses, organizations, and agencies introduce new technologies and innovations that improve systemic process efficiencies. For years, I have navigated the complex world of technology and business innovation, striving to link IT, public organizations, and private entities together, so we can build greater social innovation.

I have completed 3 formal educational degrees, including a Bachelor of Business Administration (BA), Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT), and Master of Public Administration (MSc). The combination of these three achievements, as well as my experience in IT-related areas (+20 years), enable me to operate as a link between IT, enterprises, and government organizations.

My main expertise and interests include trend analysis, innovation management, information technology (including blockchain and web3.0) and data/market analysis. I have also a specific strong specialization in quantitative finance and economics that grants me more insight into how sectors and future technology can be developed. Because of my good study performance and high level of social commitment, I got various prizes.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, you can find my resume online here. Here you can read who my clients are. In case you want to know what methods I use for my clients, click here.

Quick Facts

20Years Experience
10000People inspired
150Lectures & workshops
85Client scores
50Countries visited

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