How I work

All my services can be conducted online or offline in Dutch or English. In some cases, I can also provide services in Persian and Russian.

Most of my collaborations and consulting work are entirely unique to the client’s needs. However, I want to be sure to give some insight into what you can expect in our time together, which may include:

Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile & Scrum

These approaches involve iterative experimentation and rapid prototyping to solve complex problems.

  • Design thinking involves empathizing with users, defining problems, ideating solutions, prototyping, and testing, and implementing solutions.
  • Lean startup is a method for developing businesses that focuses on quickly creating and releasing a minimum viable product (MVP) and then gathering feedback from users to improve the product.
  • Agile is a project management method that involves breaking down large projects into small, manageable chunks and delivering them in short cycles called “sprints.”
  • Scrum is a framework for implementing agile methods.

I try to combine everything so that a creative solution is achieved in our time together.

New Business & Management Models

To stay competitive and meet the needs of changing markets, it is important to constantly innovate and explore new business models and management models. This may involve conducting market research, identifying untapped customer needs, and experimenting with new ways of delivering value to customers.

When it comes to value creation, I center my attention on methods that contribute to creating value for different stakeholders. This involves considering the needs and expectations of customers, employees, employers, executives/shareholders and the wider community.

By taking a stakeholder-centered approach, I believe that we can create sustainable and long-term value for all parties involved. This means that I prioritize not only financial returns in my work, but also social, psychological, and environmental impact.

All methods are focused on improving efficiency, reducing waste, and increasing customer satisfaction through data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Trend analytics

I will also put on my social innovation and trend watching caps on so you can make informed decisions about business strategy and investments. It is important to analyze trends concerning the underlying drivers of your organization for systemic change and durable solutions. This may involve using quantitative finance techniques, such as statistical modeling and risk analysis, to make predictions about future market trends.

Rapid collaboration for new insights

I may use my wide professional network to give helpful insights and support. . There are many different methods for facilitating teamwork and brainstorming, such as ideation workshops, problem-solving sessions, and group decision-making processes. These methods can help teams generate and evaluate ideas, make decisions, and move forward with a clear plan of action.


Online and offline possibilities

All of my services can be completed online or offline. For online sessions I may use platforms like Mentimeter, Miro, Padlet, Teams, Zoom, and LinkedIn Live to host online sessions for 1 to 10,000 attendees or more, depending on your needs. In case additional support is required, I can draw on my extensive network of professionals and use cutting-edge tools to deliver results that align with your goals.

Using disruptive technologies & digitalization

At the end of the day, it is all about driving social innovation and helping us continue the march toward a world full of abundance and possibilities together. I leverage every bit of unique perspective and creativity to drive success in your organization. Let’s start building a new solution today!

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