Government & semi-government organizations

It is no secret that some of the most complex challenges are being faced by government and semi-government organizations. There are so many roadblocks to ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of social programs and infrastructure that present a wealth of opportunity for innovation.

I aim to introduce systematic improvements by working closely with hospitals, public utilities, state-owned enterprises, regulatory bodies, and other agencies to help overcome these legacy challenges. I frequently work as a long-term partner that can be trusted and valued due to my education in Public Administration and previous experience in the political arena.

I offer a wide range of services fit to the needs of the organization or any new initiatives being introduced. I can help the organization identify and implement new processes, methods, and systems that can help them better leverage technology and innovations to achieve their goals. I am also happy to use my expertise in social innovation, digital trends, and singularity to help identify trends and patterns in data that can inform decision-making and drive innovation.

No matter what, the outcome should be to cultivate positive change in how these organizations meet the needs of society, so we all experience an increase in governmental support.

Various services

Everything starts by meeting with the key figures in your organization to begin rethinking your challenges, allowing space for free thinking and inspiration. I am happy to meet online or offline and can offer services in Dutch and English. In some cases, I can also provide services in Persian and Russian languages..

I can provide the following services to governments and semi-government clients:

  • Coaching & training: develop in-depth educational resources to ensure your team, stakeholders, and memberships have the best tools and insights to adapt and use new technology and innovation concepts. 
  • Brainstorm sessions: I bring a unique perspective to problem-solving by getting up close with your organization so a practical strategic or implementation plan can be created around your initiative, project, or system. 
  • Helping create new products & services: with a wealth of IT experience and working with clients from a broad spectrum, I can help research and offer insight into how your products will fit into various sectors and industries. My primary focus will be on how we can work together to produce value and secure the outcomes of efforts.
  • Speaking on future/current (worldwide) trends: I offer an international perspective into the latest developments affecting the world by keeping updated on any new news, articles, research, and insights I can bring to your event or organization.
  • Preparing for futuristic developments: many of the clients I work with often feel they need to be more represented by the introduction of new tools and competitive advantages to the marketplace. I can help prepare your organization so any exciting and disruptive technology on the horizon can be integrated and leveraged to its full potential. 
  • Improving current processes: there is room for improvement in many government-related agencies and complimentary services. For example, a hospital can benefit from an AI-supported EHR system to streamline operations. I can bridge those missing gaps to improve your overall system efficiency. 
  • Helping cultivate innovation: I enjoy creating a space where development and free thinking go hand in hand with social innovation and singularity. This is especially valuable for government organizations that can apply small changes to affect massive communities. 
  • Consulting & advisory services: I’ll bring my background, knowledge, network and various experience in technology and social innovation to task on the multiple challenges your government agency faces. 

Naturally, I would be happy to offer you a combination of the aforementioned services, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the possibilities further.

You can learn more about the various methods and topics I use during my bespoke services by viewing this page

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