Startups & individuals

Being on the ground floor of a new organization as it confronts the unique challenges of coming to the marketplace with a new product or service is a fascinating proposition. I love bringing my background working with digital trends, managing innovation, and disruptive technology to elevate the offerings of these organizations.

Startups can be good places for social innovation and pursuing singularity because they often have a culture of innovation and risk-taking, as well as a focus on solving problems and creating new valuable solutions. This can provide an environment that is conducive to pursuing social innovation and exploring ideas related to singularity.

In a startup, there is often a sense of urgency and a need to move quickly, which can help to drive creative thinking and encourage people to think outside the box. Additionally, startups often have fewer constraints and a more flexible structure, which can allow for greater experimentation and exploration.

Furthermore, startups often have a strong sense of purpose and mission, which can help align the team’s efforts toward social innovation and singularity. This can create a sense of shared purpose and motivation, which can be an essential factor in driving progress and achieving success.

There are so many ways to introduce all kinds of AI/ML tools, quantitative innovation, meta-economy insights, and more to accelerate new products and services that expand the capabilities of startups and individual clients. I look forward to collaborating in this space with you!

Various services

Everything starts by meeting with the key figures in your startups to begin rethinking your challenges, allowing space for free thinking and inspiration. I am happy to meet online or offline and can offer services in Dutch and English. In some cases, I can also provide services in Persian and Russian.

The services I cover for startups and individuals involve: 

  • Coaching & training: I have a solid background as an independent entrepreneur with specific experience in marketing, technology as well quantitative finance and economics that can be easily leveraged to ensure a higher chance of success for your organization. 
  • Helping to create new products & services: when you are bringing a new product/service to the market, you want the perspective of someone like me who can view how it will fit, what features to lean into, and compare it to any of the latest trends, so you are best positioned for adoption by consumers. 
  • Speaking on future/current trends: startups can feel “stuck” sometimes by the challenge of getting off the ground. Not only can I speak on how to overcome these challenges, but I often engage with organizations and communities that help cultivate the startup mindset concerning business flexibility and agile development. 
  • Preparing for futuristic developments: getting unique guidance and perspective on what will be coming soon to your specific niche industry and market offers your business a powerful tool to prepare for new trends and consumer fluctuations in relation to the product/service you are about to launch. 
  • Helping cultivate innovation: startups are excellent soil for growing new concepts, processes, products, ideas, and innovations that can positively impact society on so many levels. I bring all my expertise to bear on helping cultivate these innovations, so your organization thrives. 
  • Consulting & advisory services: I’ll bring my background, knowledge, network and expertise in technology, innovation and marketing to task on the multiple challenges your startup faces. 

I can provide you with a combination of the aforementioned services, suited to your unique requirements and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would want to discuss the possibilities further. You can learn more about the various methods I use during my bespoke services by viewing this page

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