Schools & universities

Schools and universities are great places for social innovation and pursuing singularity because they often provide a supportive and collaborative environment for students and faculty to explore new ideas that solve complex problems.

Many schools and universities have centers or programs dedicated to social innovation, where students and faculty can work on projects that address pressing issues and contribute to the betterment of us all. In addition, schools and universities often have resources such as funding, mentorship, and research facilities that can help support the development and implementation of social innovation projects.

I love working with schools and places of higher education because there is a flexible mindset available in the youth culture  that many of us can learn from. This is a fantastic opportunity to leverage the power of science, big data, disruptive technology, and digitalization so we can better conceptualize singularity for the benefit of society.

Many schools and universities have programs and initiatives focused on studying and exploring the concept of singularity. These allow technological progress to accelerate rapidly leading to radical change in society. My goal is to connect these programs and places of learning with the programs and initiatives that foster research, discussions, and collaboration between students, faculty, and experts from various fields. This bolsters a platform for individuals to think critically about the potential impacts and implications of singularity.

Various services

Everything starts by meeting with the key figures in your educational organization to begin rethinking your challenges, allowing space for free thinking and inspiration. I am happy to meet online or offline and can offer services in Dutch and English. 

The services I cover for schools, universities, and higher education institutions involve: 

  • Coaching & training: I craft unique educational meetings and programs that integrate smoothly with your curriculum, events, or school-related initiatives so you can better meet the needs of the changing student body. 
  • Brainstorm sessions: schools are some of the best places to cultivate new ideas by allowing everyone involved to consider unique solutions under my reliable instruction and oversight, so every aspect of your institution is noticed. 
  • Innovating education: assisting in the development and creation of new modules and approaches connected to social innovation and singularity. Schools and universities can prepare students for the problems and opportunities of the future by establishing new modules and approaches in these specific areas and here is where I can help with assistance. I can help introduce many current and futuristic developments and offer guidance on leveraging them for incredible educational benefits. 
  • Problem-solving with technology and innovation: teaching students how to approach complicated issues creatively and systematically using technology, design thinking, new management models, new management models as well as promoting entrepreneurship and collaboration.
  • Speaking on future & current trends: I offer an international perspective into the latest technology and innovation developments affecting the world by keeping updated on any new news, articles, research, and insights I can bring to your event, classroom, and  faculty development. 
  • Helping cultivate innovation: I enjoy creating a space where development and free thinking go hand in hand with social innovation and singularity. This is especially valuable for educational institutions, schools, and universities where many of tomorrow’s thought leaders are preparing to enter the real world. 
  • Consulting & advisory services: I’ll bring my background, knowledge, network and various experience in technology and social innovation to task on the multiple challenges your school and institution face. 

Of course, I am able to offer you a combination of the aforementioned services, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the possibilities further.

You can learn more about the various methods I use during my bespoke services by viewing this page

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