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Inspirational Speaker

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker about new management models, new business models, innovations, trends and the latest worldwide developments? Are you looking for someone who can lift your organization to higher level of success ? Do you want your audience to go home enthusiastically, energetically and with a concrete action plan?  Then look no further.

I can lend a hand to organizations and companies to innovate their management models or new business models. I offer you latest worldwide trends and can give consultation on how to renew and improve your services or business.

What do I offer ?

  • Inspirational speaking – at seminars, conferences, meetings and schools
  • Trendwatching – worldwide trends and impact of developments
  • Workshops or training for your organization
  • Strategic planfor companies and organizations to help them innovate their services/products.

For who are the services interesting?
I provide services on many levels, they are most beneficial for :

  • Policy staff members
  • Managers
  • Advisors
  • Project Managers
  • Internet Managers
  • Communication and / or marketing staff
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Healthcare workers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Everyone else who is interested in new trends, innovations and business/management models

The following topics can be presented: applying change management in practice; creating new jobs; new business models; smart city; blockchain technology; cybersecurity; big data & open data; Internet of Things (IoT); virtual & augmented reality; 3D & 4D printing; 21st century skills; nanotechnology and smart materials; online marketing and future of social communication; applying neuroscience for innovation; robotics; artificial intelligence; business model innovation; future of shopping; collective intelligence; autonomous teams; holocratic organizations in practice; promoting peace and security with the help of innovations and technologies; legal consequences of technology; eHealth; future of public transport; creating more diversity inside the organizations; climate and energy policy; promoting sustainability; new management and business models.

These are just few topics listed for your ease. I will be more than happy to have a look on your desired topic and come up with a flawless presentation or an innovational speech. The presentation will finally always be fitted to your passion for the subject that you are addressing.

My success rate with clients
Uptill now I have provided trainings & workshops for more than 5,000 people that include: managers, policy makers, employees and students.  The topics that I have helped them were: worldwide trends, using of social media, internet technology, impact of technology on societies and optimizing processes.

I feel joyful to say that I provided presentations for many organizations. I helped them to clearly see the opportunities and most importantly challenging and transforming them with advancing technology & models. For more information and references see this link.

My prices are based on your wishes, the target group and the type of event. Please contact me on to discuss your wishes & requirements. Calling is also possible: (+31) 06 19 49 77 64.


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