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Temporal leap: exploring cycles – a journey through past, future, and global connectivity. Chapter 1.


Welcome to this literary adventure! Three years ago, I envisioned writing a story that combines some real-life events with a touch of imagination. Today, I’ve decided to bring this story to life, and I’m thrilled to share the first chapter with you.
This isn’t a typical story—it’s a collection of series of blogs that will gradually weave together into a captivating online digital book with numerous chapters. Consider it like a complicated puzzle, with each blog contributing a unique piece to the emerging story. Begin reading the first chapter provided below, and brace yourself for the excitement—new chapters will be released every 2/3 weeks. Stay tuned for more interesting chapters😊.

Chapter One. December 2029.


Disclaimer: Since this is primarily a fictional story, please do not take everything I write too seriously.

In the vivid heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where the city beats with an unyielding rhythm, stands the MetLife Building—a monumental piece of architecture that punctures the sky with its towering presence. This steel-and-glass giant, a testament to the relentless pursuit of human potential, stretches toward the heavens with the audacity of a modern Babel.
On the 32nd floor of this towering city building, I, Marya, sit alone in my spacious corner office adorned with modern furnishings. Behind me is a clear glass window, offering a panoramic view of the bustling city below. I’m surrounded by the city’s hustle and bustle, yet separated from it, experiencing the peacefulness of a snowy December evening.

My office is quiet now, after the busy day, with soft lights casting a gentle glow. Shadows play on fancy walls, creating a quiet dance to the hum of machines taking a break. Laughter, a faint memory, floats through the halls—a reminder of the happy moments with colleagues who’ve gone home.

Here, surrounded by fancy libraries and modern chrome, I feel small, like a small part of a big story I’ve created. The office is a calm place, where the lively energy of the day still hangs in the air after everyone has left.

My name, Marya, meaning Mystery, given by my parents due to their fascination with the stars and history, envelops me like the shroud of night. As a child, I used to stand on our small balcony on the outskirts of the city. My dad would point out constellations, and I’d lose myself in the vastness of space. The name Marya, meaning Mystery, felt like a cosmic joke or perhaps a hint from the universe, a clue to a destiny I hadn’t quite figured out.

Time has woven its intricate pattern on my soul, granting me the insight to see my name not just as a label but as a summons to a greater calling. In the present moment, it seems that the core of my being, my essence, is an enduring force propelling me to unveil the hidden truths of the universe. I see myself as a spokesperson for those who, like me, yearn to uncover the mysteries of existence and gaze into the night sky and softly inquire, “What secrets lie beyond?”

It’s been thirteen years since I first stepped foot in this place as a bold thirty-year-old, full of confidence but quite naive, believing I had all the answers. Little did I realize that my true journey would begin right here behind these walls. Everything changed the instant I stepped in. It became the turning point that not only altered the course of my entire life but also reshaped my destiny.

Outside the window, snowflakes are dancing right now, echoing the chaos in my thoughts. Since 2016, when my dreams seemed as distant as stars, I climbed to found a groundbreaking tech company—all thanks to this building teaching me what no one else could. Now, in my sanctuary, I’ve achieved more than I imagined, realizing that my own story is so unique that it borders on science fiction.

I remembered countless talks with strangers, where almost everyone looked doubtful and labeled me just a dreamer. More than a thousand of these moments replayed in my mind, filled with subtle jokes where people silently thought I was crazy while I passionately shared my beliefs and things I was exploring. Now I’m debating whether I have the courage to reveal the methodically obtained hard-captured truths that have the power to revolutionize our knowledge of our origins and shape the course of our future. I reflect on the moments when I dared to speak my mind, only to be met with mockery and scorn. The uncertainty remains: will the revelation of my knowledge truly make a difference?

Reason warns that my declarations might be drowned in the noise of a world not prepared for change or this truth. Yet, my heart beats a rebellious rhythm, pushing me to disclose these revelations. The thought of my findings disappearing into obscurity is a prospect more intimidating than any mockery. The fear that my life’s work might go unnoticed spurs my determination. Thinking about the fact that I might die tomorrow and all my hard work will be for nothing is the reason that I muster the courage to share my story.

As I wrestle with a tempest of conflicting thoughts, each idea colliding like thunderclouds in my mind, a sudden, resounding knock shatters the delicate calm of the room. The tranquil atmosphere, which moments ago cradled my contemplation, is abruptly disrupted by an unexpected intrusion. The echoes of the knock seem to resonate with the inner tumult I’m experiencing.

Amalia, my secretary, the calm in the midst of corporate craziness, chimes in with her sweet voice, “Hey, your friend’s here. Should I send her in?”. I quickly dry the tears that silently bear witness to my inner conflict and nod in agreement. I said: ‘’Yes Amalia, thx!’’.

Elara enters the room. As Elara enters, the room seems to vibrate softly with the texture of her experiences. Seven years have imprinted their distinctions, created new contours, and highlighted deeper shades of our personalities. However, the quiet and unspoken connection between us stands firm like a guiding light, seemingly untouched by the unending march of time.
Elara’s appearance hasn’t changed much. Her black, flowing hair and deep, loving eyes convey stories of significant events, and she emanates elegance and perseverance. Elara’s outfit shows her focused and serious personality, with a charcoal gray jacket, a white silk blouse, and tailored trousers.

Today, Elara stands as a well-known journalist, a famous writer celebrated for her immersive narratives artfully woven across war zones and revolutions. Her life, a majestic tapestry of turbulence and resilience, is a manifestation of years spent on front-lines—of battles outside in the world, and perhaps, ones within herself. The air around her holds a delicate echo of her journeys; it whispers tales of the breadth of human experiences she’s encountered.

The eyes that once shone with dreams we nurtured in university now carry more depth. I can sense the weight of her stories – stories of bravery, love, fear, and grief; of truths seeking and gained. Elara has always been an explorer, a seeker of hidden truths, and her return to the Netherlands after all these years doesn’t seem like mere chance – it feels like a cosmic alignment. Our reunion right now feels like a silent storm of emotions, a powerful testament to the bond we formed during our Master’s in Political Science. It’s a connection that started in our youth, grew through shared passion, and solidified over time.

In the labyrinthine corridors of our college days, Elara and I forged in 2011 a connection that transcended the ordinary. She wasn’t just a friend; she was always my steadfast believer and the muse behind my early ideas. Her encouragement motivated my early ideas, and her recognition inspired me to question established beliefs. Now, it feels like we’re ready to start a journey that promises to dispel the darkness and share the wisdom that has allowed me to be reborn. With Rotterdam as our backdrop and the silent stars as our witnesses, we brace ourselves to reveal a secret shared among the constellations – a mystery as ancient as time, as deep as existence, and as personal as my name.

The road ahead is uncertain, and fears linger, yet in Elara’s eyes and my mind, I sense a shared determination—a connection of souls ready for an otherworldly journey. Undeterred by potential skepticism, we pledge to tell the stories, to share the cosmic whispers with those open to listening. Our adventure starts at the MetLife Building’s sanctuary, where the story of Mystery will unravel, forever altering the world’s perception of reality.

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