I previously introduced the concept of testing as an essential process for quality security, problems identification, functionality validation, and product/service improvement. Testing is critical in the development lifecycle because it provides information on the performance, reliability, and usability of software and systems. Testing, via methodical review, helps control risks, improve user experience, and meet company goals.

Now, let us explore the details of testing methodologies. Surprisingly, over 400 different methods exist for testing products, services, ideas, or hypotheses. This diversity demonstrates the depth and complexity of the testing landscape. While this number may appear challenging, in reality, only 3 to 5 testing techniques are frequently required for efficient testing. However, finding the correct balance and strategy is crucial for mastering the art of testing.

To provide clarity on methods for testing, I have published a blog series detailing 160 unique methods for testing that are widely used and highly successful. Every method will be detailed, including step-by-step instructions, success recommendations, and examples of usage. Stay tuned as I reveal these methods one by one over the coming months.

Below, you can already access a lot of methods. This list will be reviewed each week until it includes all 160 methods.

As for the question of how to choose the right method, it depends on your own preferences, as well as those of stakeholders, and the ability and situation or problem at hand. Should you require any clarification or assistance in implementing these methods within your organization, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Debugging 160 testing methods:

The complete & practical guide to the most popular testing methods

Discover the ins and outs of testing with 'Debugging 160 Testing Methods,'
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